Surf baptism

The surf baptism is the first contact with the world of surfing, a fun and safe activity that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people and of all ages.
This day is very important to link the concepts to the practical experience of as many students, parents and teachers as possible with the environment, the values ​​of surfing and its transformative capacity and personal growth.


Why celebrate your baptism with Galisurf


Celebrate your party surfing

A day of group surfing is a day to remember, a day in which time stands still as we jump, play and surf while a great feeling of freedom invades us and the desire to continue catching waves.


A different special day

Special days deserve something different and at Galisurf that is guaranteed! You will laugh and have a great time riding the waves at our surf school in Bastiagueiro.


Una fiesta difícil de olvidar

Aprender a surfear de forma segura y mejorar la base.


How will your baptism be with Galisurf

With the surf baptism in Coruña you can discover the wonderful world of surfing without having any previous experience or having the equipment. These baptisms are aimed at schools and institutes with the intention of giving a base of security to young people in contact with the beach, the sea and the waves.
Objective / Content:

  • Set the foundations and know the risks of the sea to practice surfing in complete safety
  • Discover basic skills (to row, stand up, balance)

Description :

  • Care and control under the supervision of a qualified instructor
  • Custom material delivery (board + neoprene)

Materials :

  • Softboard, soft foam surfboard with volume for greater stability
  • Soft fins, soft fins for added safety
    5/4 neoprene to protect from the cold in the water

They will learn all about ocean safety and precautions while having fun with friends

Do you want to celebrate your baptism with us?

Los días especiales se merecen algo diferente y en Galisurf eso está asegurado!

¿Quieres celebrar tu bautismo con nosotros?

Los días especiales se merecen algo diferente y en Galisurf eso está asegurado!

Celebrating unforgettable baptisms

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